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So, I’ve been using the Ubuntu 9.04 RC on an Acer Aspire One for the last two days and even though I’ve used it for a short time, I think I should review it.  Without ruining the rest the review, I must say, this release is very, very, good.  The last release of Ubuntu was 8.10, which I did try and felt like it was quite bad.  It was a very unexciting upgrade and it felt old compared to other distros at the time.  I did not use it long, as Fedora 10 was by far superior in nearly everyway except for package management.  With Ubuntu 8.10, I thought that the Ubuntu team had taken a step back.

This is not so with 9.04.  It feels new and it really is a worthy upgrade.  The GNOME desktop feels fast, apps load up very quickly, and it looks professional.  The wallpaper is classy, instead of being very odd like in the previous releases.  The new notification system is spectacular and well done.  Hardware support is excellent.  There are a few bugs in the RC, but these will be fixed in the final release.  The distro is just fantastic.

Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop

Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop

Now for the bad parts.  While there aren’t many, they do stand out.  First of all are the themes.  Why can’t there be a good theme in Ubuntu?  I don’t mind the default human theme, but it is nothing special.  The other included themes are just ugly to me.  I really hope that this is changed because appearance is a major consideration for most people when they look at an operating system.  Also, ext4 support is not really there yet.  Fedora 11 is promising to use the filesystem by default, but Ubuntu’s implementation is not ready for real use.  Hopefully the issues they have with it are fixed soon, otherwise Ubuntu will be very slow in comparison to distros like Fedora 11.

Overall, Ubuntu 9.04 RC is a higly recommended download and if the bugs are fixed, Ubuntu 9.04 final will be a must-have distro.  I feel that Ubuntu really stepped it up from previous releases.  If they can just get ext4 working without issue, I’m sure that Ubuntu will be an extremely strong competitor against Windows 7 and Mac OSX in the future.

Ubuntu: For Desktops, Servers, Netbooks and in the cloud


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