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Like most Linux users, I use a multitude of applications, and many of them are terminal-based.  For example, I use vi for most of my text editing.  It is simple and it works.  Almost no resources are used by it and I can actually get work done in it.  Another great screenshot_of_terminalexample of a terminal application being better than a GUI application is irssi for chat.  It does one thing and it does it very well.  When I use Pidgin, which is a very nice GUI chat client, I feel like it is too much.  Simplicity is key in an application (for me anyway) and it seems as if GUI programs just keep getting too many features.  An application should serve a purpose.  A single purpose, not twelve.  I think this is the problem with many programs.  They just become too complicated.  That is why terminal applications are usually better than their GUI counterparts.  They do a single job and do it well.


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