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With netbooks becoming extremely popular, many are questioning their usefulness.  Some say that the screens are too small, others say the keyboards are unusable, and some critics say that they are just too slow.  When I read these comments or reviews, I start to wonder, have these people actually used one?

My first netbook was a white 16gb ASUS Eee PC 900 with Xandros Linux.  When I first pulled it out of the box, I did think that it might be too small.  I don’t think I had ever seen such a small keyboard.  Then I actually used it.  It was spectacular.  Everything was quick and functional.  It was completely usable.  With its portability, I took it everywhere I could.  Soon after I received it, I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on it.  It was even better after that because I could have all of my favorite software wherever I went.  I used it as my main development PC.  The only complaint I had was with the slow write speed which made Firefox page loads slow, but otherwise, it was great.

After having such a good experience with the Eee, I decided to buy an Acer Aspire One with a 10 inch screen.  All of my issues with the Eee are non-existent with the Aspire One.  Fedora 10 and the Ubuntu release candidate work flawlessly.  The keyboard is excellent and the hard drive is extremely quick.  It literally is the best computer I have ever used.  The screen produces vivid color and the battery life is spectacular.  This cheap netbook is just as close to perfect as one can get.

So when people say that netbooks are a fad, I just don’t understand.  They are excellent and are much more portable than a laptop.  You can do nearly everything you do on a desktop computer on a netbook as well.  So yes, netbooks really are useful.  You can blog on them, write documents, edit photos, write code, listen to music, watch movies, check e-mail, and just about everything else.  Netbooks are the future of portable computing.  If you don’t think so, try one.  While your doing that, I think I’m going to play Frozen Bubble, check my Twitter updates, and maybe watch Diggnation, all on my Acer Aspire One.


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