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Whenever a new distro is released, people have problems with their install.  Crashes, errors, drivers and much more usually confuse new users.  Many don’t know how to get support quickly.  Sure, you can Google it, but that can produce mixed results.  So, I recommend the Ubuntu chat room.

In order to join the chat, you need an IRC client.  All standard Ubuntu installs come with Pidgin, which will fair just fine for this purpose.  Go to the Applications menu and go down to Internet.  From there select Pidgin.  When you first start Pidgin, close all windows except for your Buddy List.  Then select the Accounts menu and click on Manage Accounts.


At the Manage Accounts menu, select Add and in the next dialog box, select IRC from the Protocol menu.  Make up a username and then change the server to  Then click Add and select the checkbox next to the account in the Manage Accounts dialog.  When your client connects to the server and you see a green circle with “Available” next to it, you’re good.  Close any chat windows that pop up, go to Buddies and then Join a Chat…, and a dialog box will pop up, prompting you for a channel.  Type in #ubuntu and click Join.  Then ask your question.  You should get many responses very quickly and the great thing is, most responses you receive will be correct.


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