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Do you program on Linux? If you do, cool, if you don’t, it’s time to start. Programming has never been easier. With high-level languages popping up everywhere, almost anyone can learn. For beginners I recommend BASH or Perl, but Python is pretty good too. For experienced programmers, I recommend C# or C++. If you have a favorite programming language for either beginners or experts, leave a comment. Let the best language win.



  1. You really should pick the best language for the job. I generally use Python for little programs I need to write just for myself (organizing files, converting images, keeping track of and analyzing data, etc) because it’s the most intuitive language I’ve used, and I’ve recently started using it for larger projects as well. Python is easy and intuitive to use, and you rarely have to fight the language to do what you want.

    Previously I’ve used Java for anything of moderate size, just because it’s the language I have the most experience with (studying it in University right now). I’d definitely recommend Java over C++. Java improves on C++’s feature set in many ways, and (in the opposite direction) if you want a simple and very powerful language, you’d be better off using C instead of C++.

  2. C.

  3. Perl is crossplatform, so you can easily write programs that work on both *nix and Windows.

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