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Working in the command-line can be tough, because the application you are using takes up the entire window, making you have to open another in a tab or use the application screen just so you can do two things at once.  There is a very simple solution to this problem.  It is called Terminator.

Terminator is a terminal emulator, just like GNOME Terminal or Konsole.  The only difference is, Terminator allows you to have many terminals open in the same window.  So, you could have nano open in one area, irssi in another, and mplayer in yet another.  They are adjustable, so one area can be bigger than another.

Terminator With Three Terminals Open

While some users may not find this useful, if you mostly work in the command-line, it’s not a bad option.  Other applications do the same thing, but with Terminator, all it takes is one right-click to open a new terminal.  If you are a programmer, this will be extremely useful.  Also, if you just like having everything open and available to you in one window, Terminator is the right app for you.


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