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Fedora 11 is amazing, but due to their commitment to freedom, they leave out Adobe’s Flash Player plug-in.  Getting it is easy, but it could be confusing to someone who has never used anything but Ubuntu.

There are a few ways to install Flash.  The easiest way is installing it using a .rpm package.  The only downside is that you have to manually upgrade it.  In other words, it doesn’t add a repository to update itself with.  To install it this way, go to and select the .rpm package.  Download it and open up a terminal window.  Login as root with the command su -l, go to the directory you saved it to, and run the command rpm -Uvh filename.rpm.  Then you’re done.

Using RPM To Install Flash In Fedora

To install it using YUM, which is recommended, go to the site mentioned above and select YUM for Linux.  Once you have that, open up a terminal window, login as root, go to the directory you saved it to and run rpm -Uvh filename.rpm.  Then, run yum install flash-plugin. To update it using YUM, run the command yum update flash-plugin.


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