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My Eee PC has been gathering dust, so I decided to put Xandros back on it and see what I could do with it.  I never really got into customizing Xandros because I immediately put Ubuntu 8.04 on it when it arrived.  Little did I know, there is a heck of a lot of good stuff you can do with it.

I got the “Full Desktop” mode first.  By default, Xandros uses a custom ASUS “Easy Mode”.  This was easy to fix by following these directions.  Next, I installed the latest stable version of Opera.  The Eee PC comes with an outdated version of Firefox, so I decided to just switch to Opera rather than upgrading (which is not a very easy process).  Installation was simple.  I went to Opera’s download page, downloaded the Debian Etch package, and installed it using dpkg -i.

Xandros Running Opera and Console

After I was done doing this, I wanted to play some games.  The Eee PC does come with some great casual games, but I wanted real ones.  Tremulous and Open Arena run well on it and don’t require installation, so I naturally chose them.  I downloaded both (Tremulous can be found here, while you’re going to have to Google for Open Arena), ran chmod +x on the tremulous.x86 file and the openarena.i386 file, and then ran them with ./.

There are many more things I’m planning to do as well.  My next post will most likely be on getting MAME installed.  Finding ways to get things to work on this odd distro is quite fun and has been the focus of my time recently.  If you have any tips on installing applications or modifying the distro leave a comment below.


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