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After just a few months of blogging here, I feel that it is time for a change.  First of all, tutorials seem to be very popular with you, the readers.  For this reason, I will start to write quite a few more.  They are short and to the point, so I can write a lot of them (possibly more than one a day).

Another change is that I will be posting command-line tips.  These tips will just have the command, what it does, and why it is useful.  Since they are short, they will be posted frequently.

Reviews will be written in a new format as well.  I know that not all of you want to read a huge review.  You want the pros and cons.  So, I’ll be writing the pros and cons on the top of the reviews.  This way, you can get a quick summary of what is good and bad about a piece of hardware or software without having to scroll down or read the entire post.

Last, but not least, I will have a site or podcast of the month.  These posts will highlight why I like the site or show, what it covers, and why you should check it out.  Finding cool stuff on the web can be hard (even with Google), so I figured it would be good to do something like this.  Also, you can feel free to leave a comment about a site or show you like as well.

The blog is going to change a lot in the coming days.  More content will be posted and new topics will be explored.  Essentially, the blog will be much improved.  Hope you enjoy the new Geeky Linux Blog!


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