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Firefox 3.5 is out, but isn’t going to really be available to Linux users until tomorrow when the version in their repositories gets updated (unless you install it from source).  So, until then, I thought it would be interesting to write about what add-ons I use in Firefox.

I’m going to start off with my favorite add-on, called “DownThemAll!”.  This add-on is an excellent download manager that increases download speeds.  This feature, along with it being rock solid, is really helpful for large downloads.  While you could always use wget, having a good download manager built-in to Firefox really helps.  Now if they could only make a torrent add-on…

The second add-on that I find essential to a good web browsing experience is AdBlock Plus.  Basically, you install it, choose the filter for your region, and say goodbye to ads forever.  Now, you shouldn’t block every ad.  People need to make money somehow.  This is why I recommend disabling it on sites you frequent.  I only use it on sites with annoying ads or on sites I’ve never been to before.

The add-on Personas for Firefox is a really awesome Mozilla Labs project.  Personas for Firefox allows you to change your browser’s theme without restarting.  Now, before you immediately download this, it doesn’t work with standard Firefox themes.  You have to use Personas, which you don’t download.  They are available to you in the Personas menu.  If you are still confused, look at the screenshot below.

Personas for Firefox

Greasemonkey is one add-on that I don’t use very much, but when I do, I’m happy I have it.  Greasemonkey gives you the ability to insert your own JavaScript into webpages.  This is great for adding functionality to a website.  My favorite script which I’ll link to here, puts a little music player under Mp3 links, allowing you to play them in the browser.  This is awesome if you just want to sample a song on a site.  You can get other scripts here, but I find that asking other people what they use yields better results.  There is an add-on called Greasefire that automatically finds scripts for sites you visit as well.

Google Gears is a great add-on if you use web applications.  Essentially, it allows web applications to store data on your computer so that you can use them without an internet connection.  A great use of this is Gmail’s Offline Mode.  You get everything Gmail has to offer, without a connection to the internet.

Ubiquity is GNOME Do for Firefox.  You launch it with a simple key combination and tell it what you want to do.  Say you need to know the weather in New York City.  You simply bring up Ubiquity and type “weather New York City” and immediately, you have the weather.  It is still a work in progress, but is a highly recommended download.


Now you know what Firefox add-ons I use.  If you have an add-on you use that isn’t mentioned here, leave a comment.  All add-ons mentioned can be found using the links below.


AdBlock Plus

Personas for Firefox


Google Gears